About Liquid Lab 88

Liquid Lab 88 is a dba of IT-LIQUID LLC, a small, family-run company specializing in liquidation of life sciences, laboratory, industrial automation and technology assets.

The founder, Mark Goldberg, has been in the business of resale of IT assets since 1993 and expanded into life sciences in 2004. All items we have for sale are in stock, limited inventory and have been directly acquired by us primarily from big biopharma and direct from manufacturers.

Our ebay account has sold over 15,000 pieces of equipment since 1999. You can view what our buyers have had to say over those past 25 years here.

We focus on offering clean, extremely well maintained units and typically offer generous warranties and unconditional returns unheard of in the used equipment resale industry. Satisfaction truly is our number one priority, which can be seen in every single thing we do.

IT-LIQUID has micro-warehousing in many locations across the USA, close to the life sciences, pharmaceutical and equipment manufacturers that supply our inventory. This allows us to keep the majority of these assets close to their origin, which ensures our personal removal and hand delivery of sensitive instruments into inventory. Hand-delivery to customers and local pickups are also available depending on the instrument location. 

For fast service please email inquiry@liq88.com

Telephone: 808-769-6911